ePickList for Linnworks

Available now on the Linnworks App Store

£10 per month (VAT inclusive)

Gone are the days of standing by the printer in the furthest corner of your warehouse waiting for a Pick List. Or, as is far more often the case, a paper jam. Introducing ePickList, a standalone mobile application that saves you time, and the forests their beauty. Win win, right?


Select any number of orders from a Linnworks.net Order View of your choosing or scan an order from its invoice barcode; See a breakdown of all items and quantities needed to pick to fulfil every order selected
  • Pick items individually or in bulk
  • Force items to be scanned to pick
  • Use an order tag or folder of your choice to mark an order as picked
  • Automatically print invoices for all picked orders to a virtual printer
  • Report items for investigation during a pick
  • See a summary of all picked and unpicked items on completion